Change Your Thinking: Change Your Life

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can change the quality of their lives by changing the attitudes of their minds.” – William James

The basic idea of cognitive therapy is that your thinking determines your quality of life. If you can change your thinking, you will improve your life. External factors influence your life to some degree, but it is mostly how you interpret external factors that has the greatest impact.

If you think that you have to be perfect, small disappointments will feel like major failures. If you dwell on your worries or fears, you will eventually feel overwhelmed. If you hold on to disappointments or resentments, you will gradually sap the joy out of life. Your interpretation of events has a big influence on your life.

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Cognitive therapy is a way to change your inner dialogue. It is a medically proven method for changing your negative thinking and improving your life. Cognitive therapy is so effective and has become so popular because it gives you a simple recipe. If you follow the recipe you will change your life.

Ask your doctor or therapist if cognitive therapy is right for you. These techniques can complement the work you do with your doctor or therapist, but they should be used in combination with professional guidance.

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